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    Das ist alles, was vom Fest übrig geblieben ist. In meiner Familie und in vielen anderen. Eine Konstante im Ablauf des Jahreswechsels, wie das Neujahrsspringen schon. Es ist eine hypothetische Frage, aber die ist leicht zu stellen. Wäre es nicht sehr viel Nachhaltiger, auf den Baum zu verzichten oder etwas wiederverwendbares mit Kugeln zu schmücken?…

  • appfleet joins Cloudflare

    appfleet is a Poland based company that develops and offers edge hosting of containerised apps. Edge computing is a trend that emerged a few years back and allows to bring applications closer to the end user, therefore reducing latency and improving user experience. Cloudflare, a player strong in this space, now acquired appfleet, augmenting it’s…

  • Kubernetes 1.17 released today – Open Source

    Today Kubernetes released it’s version 1.17. The software is one of the most popular open source projects ever. It allows managing containerised applications and micro-services.

  • RunC CVE-2019-5736

    Use Containers they said. It’d be more secure, they said. Until CVE-2019-5736 was disclosed.

  • Docker 1.10

    Docker announced version 1.10 past week. The new release contains more than 100 improvements over the previous version. New features include better resource management, a more flexible docker-compose file format and improvements to security. These are in particular through user namespace isolation, implementation of seccomp for syscall filtering and an authorization plugin to restrict access…

  • Docker: Swarm 1.0 released

    Today is a big milestone for Swarm: we’re taking it out of beta and releasing version 1.0, ready for running your apps in production. Swarm is the easiest way to run Docker applications at scale on… Quelle: Announcing Swarm 1.0: Production-ready clustering at any scale | Docker Blog

  • WordPress on Docker.

    This wordpress blog now lives in a Docker container. It makes administration a lot easier, plus it encapsulates the data.