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  • New and hot: #OpenSSL memes

  • Rouge CAs and certificate pinning.

    A intermediate CA, held by MSC Holdings, issued by CNNIC, the Chinese NIC, apparently issued certificates for unauthorized domains. The problem was detected by Google for their domains through pinned certificates in their browser. Google Online Security Blog: Maintaining digital certificate security.

  • Check if you trust the Superfish CA

    Filippo Valsorda wrote a test to check whether your PC is vulnerable through the Superfish Malware, that Lenovo decided to preinstall on it’s devices. Check here if you trust the Superfish CA.

  • Let's Encrypt

    Let’s Encrypt published their ACME-based CA code, written in GO, to github.com. Happy Holidays. Draft Let's Encrypt CA code is live. Happy holidays! https://t.co/cr46Y1ivBB — Let's Encrypt (@letsencrypt) December 22, 2014

  • ocsp.comodoca.com blacklisted by comodo itself

    Bereits gestern war zu lesen, dass Comodo seine eigene CA als “Suspicious” eingestuft hat. Unter anderem ist die Meldung beim ISC Diary aufgetaucht: ocsp.comodoca.com blacklisted by comodo itself.