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  • How to destroy surveillance capitalism

    Cory Doctorow’s new book, published in a whole on OneZero. What if the trauma of living through real conspiracies all around us — conspiracies among wealthy people, their lobbyists, and lawmakers to bury inconvenient facts and evidence of wrongdoing (these conspiracies are commonly known as “corruption”) — is making people vulnerable to conspiracy theories? From…

  • Sticker book

    daily photo, 06.06.2020, late

  • An extra day well spent.

    2020 is a leap year. It has 366 days. February 29 is inserted on the regular calendar. I spent that day roaming the city and spent well time on books today. The extra day was well spent. daily, 29.02.2020

  • HBO plans ‘Snow Crash’ series

    Huge news for Science Fiction Fans. Apparently HBO plans ‘Snow Crash’ series a series based on Neal Stephensons ‘Snow Crash‘(affiliate link). Next to William Gibsons ‘Neuromancer‘, the book has been among the most influential books of the cyber–punk genre. When the book came out in the early nineties and it described a dystopian, yet near…

  • What you do is who you are.

    Ben Horowitz, of Andreessen Horowitz (software is eating the world), wrote a new book. It is titled “What you do is who you are.“, and will, following the announcement, discuss corporate cultural standards and how they changed over the years, of course with a particular focus on the tech industry. It’s a hot candidate for…

  • XSS with a book.

    In Safari Books. https://twitter.com/fmavituna/status/555769470321688576