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  • Banana Phone: the gadget you always wanted.

    Remember the earworm in 2004, the Bananaphone song? You can have that today, in form of a Bluetooth enabled, Banana shaped gadget to connect to your iPhone. Get it here. (affiliate link) And here is the song, just in case you feel like hearing it again. Raffi – Bananaphone Take a trip back to 2004…

  • It has Bluetooth, too.

    daily, photo, 16.07.2020. late.

  • Arduino launches IoT platform

    Arduino launches IoT platform: With the Portenta H7 Arduino announces a Platform targeted at small and medium businesses. It comes with all the connectivity necessary to enable devices classified as Internet of Things: WiFi, BLE, with physical connectivity to USB and SD-Cards, plus the well known Camera or UART connectivity. TechRadar also mentions LTE. Here…