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  • Meta Meetings

    We know Facebook has big plans for the Metaverse. The company even rebranded as Meta to underline it’s ambition. On Labstalk, we almost spent the entire season discussing benefits and goals of the technology, alongside with all the other tech topics in the same space, like Web3, NFTs and DOAs. Back to Meta (the company)…

  • Apple to transition to ARM

    The rumours ain’t new, but appear to become more tangible. This time Ars Technica reports an announcement could happen as early as this years WWDC. The report bases on Mark Gurman, an Bloomberg News reporter focusing on Apple News. He initially published an article in Bloomberg News on the topic and tweeted: Not only cost…

  • Forever 21 Goes Bust, Adding 178 Stores to Retail Apocalypse – Bloomberg

    Forever 21 Inc. filed for bankruptcy, joining the growing list of fashion retailers felled by heavy competition, high rents and the defection of shoppers to online outlets. — Weiterlesen www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-09-30/forever-21-files-for-bankruptcy-adding-to-the-retail-apocalypse

  • `Keep Talkin’ Larry’: Amazon Is Close to Tossing Oracle Software – Bloomberg

    It’s a huge effort considering the scale of the project and the relevance of customer data for Amazon. Given their cloud business and it’s maturity – AWS is more than 10 years old by now and leading the pack – this move seems overdue. Amazon.com Inc. has taken another step toward eliminating software from Oracle…

  • Cloud gegen Commerz

    Unter (Internet-afinen) Technikern und Technikbegeisterten hört man schon länger den Witz, dass ein Botnet am einfachsten bei Amazon mittels Kreditkarte bestellt werden kann. In dem Fall des Playstation Network (PSN) ist offensichtlich genau dieser Ansatz umgesetzt worden, wie Bloomberg gestern berichtete.