Tag: AR

  • The metaverse remains controversial

    Apple’s CEO has doubt about the ‘metaverse’ – The Verge reports Tim Cook wouldn’t believe individuals couldn’t make up the ‘metaverse’. On #Labstalk we already debated the future of hardware will define the future of this mythical space. Tim Cook apparently concludes most people wouldn’t be able to spend time in the virtual world. Meanwhile,…

  • Google introduced AR navigation.

    Apparently it’s not just a cool new feature but a controversial discussion.

  • Leap Motion acquired by Ultrahaptics

    The 2010 founded AR and VR company, that was leading in hand tracking devices for VR usage had a few moments that made the tech-headlines. According to many sources, Apple tried to acquire the company twice, with the second attempt as recently as 2018. Past week, the company sold for $30 million. Today, we’re announcing…