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  • Akamai acquires Guardicore

    Akamai is still pushing it’s cybersecurity capabilities. Today the company acquired Israel based cybersecurity firm Guardicore for $600 million, reports ZDNet. Guardicore’s zero-trust solutions brought it to the attention of the CDN. Source: ZDNet

  • Akamai acquires Asavie

    With the acquisition of Asavie, Akamai strengthens it’s mobile, IoT, and security products and services. The company’s portfolio will merge into Akamai’s Security and Personalization Services product lines. The volume of the deal was not disclosed. Akamai’s press release is here. Darkreading has an announcement.

  • Net Defender CloudFlare Goes Down, Taking Many Websites With It

    The Internet was built with de-centralized infrastructures in mind. To scale globally, network providers like CloudFlare have emerged, to run decentralized infrastructures and offer them as a service. In general, keeping service independent of each others and maintaining heterogeneous networks have a proven track record of resilience, that is not necessarily inherent to the architecture…

  • Goodbye Servers, Hello Devices.

    It’s been a wild ride for the most time of the past 9 years. The Internet came a long way and the time I spent at Akamai Technologies since 2007 were an amazing and exciting experience.┬áBefore I came there, I was working for a security consultancy, planning deployments of hundreds of Firewalls and Intrusion-Detection Systems.…

  • World IPv6 Day

    Am 8. Juni 2011 werden unter anderen Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, Akamai und Limelight Networks ihre Inhalte als “Testdrive” ├╝ber IPv6 anbieten. Mehr zu der Veranstaltung der “Internet Society” finden sich auf deren News-Seite: http://isoc.org/wp/topics/