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  • Good News

    Yep, he’s right. We’re half way done. I think, this year that’s indeed good news.

  • Is 2020 over?

    The list – obviously – only covers the year up to May so far. And it includes increasing inequality, the protests against it, brexit, fascism, riots, climate change, locust plagues and of course COVID-19. Not to mention recent Ebola Outbreak in Kongo or earthquake activity in the Yellowstone National Park cluster. The list is over…

  • 2020 is weird

    Five Months into the year of 2020, I wouldn’t be surprised about this kind of new neighbors, either. Indeed, 2020 is weird so far. Source: Channelate

  • Relative Importance In 2020

    This chart lays out the relative importance of certain things in our lives in 2020 from January to April. Some may shock you…haha via Accidental Fire

  • Apollo 11 Guidance Computer vs. USB-C

    Apollo 11 Guidance Computer vs. USB-C: It could be that USB-C Cables nowadays have more compute capacity than Apollo 11 had on it’s way to the moon. Forrest Heller(?) made an effort to compare the technical specs and put them into perspective.

  • Product Management Predictions

    Product Management Predictions: With January already over, it’s a bit late for annual forecasts. But then again, looking into the future is a secret superpower every Product Manager should look to develop. Therefore, it’s never too late to have an understanding of what comes up next. Mason Adair of Digital Product People did so for…

  • Working at sap: D-KOM 2020

    Working at SAP. daily, 09.01.2020

  • Isarstausee Tölz

    Bad Tölz and Blomberg, as seen from the Isarstausee Tölz the afternoon of 03.01.2020. daily, X100F

  • 2020: The year of ARM?

    Rumors, that Apple would switch to ARM for their computers have been floating around for a while. MacWorld just recently reaffirmed these with Annual ARM predictions. Another important product that was announced at this years Re:Invent, AWS has ARM servers in their cloud portfolio. The Graviton2 is a custom-built 64bit processor available for EC2 workloads. A…