• Indiana Jones 5 and the space race

    Da musste ich mich ja zuerst einmal daran erinnern, dass Indiana Jones einen vierten Teil hatte. Und damit meine ich nicht “Das Geheimnis von Atlantis”. Nach drei Teilen, die durchaus Einfluss auf meine Jugend hatten, gab es vor gefühlt zehn Jahren noch einen weiteren Kino Film über Indiana Jones. Ich kann mich nicht einmal richtig…

  • The “Supercloud”

    It used to be client/server architecture. That became the cloud. With distributed content delivery infrastructures moving towards compute models, it became “edge.” Whereas the debate has always been where code should run. On the server, that is remote, or with the client, that is possibly weak in compute and does not have the data necessary.…

  • Banana Phone: the gadget you always wanted.

    Remember the earworm in 2004, the Bananaphone song? You can have that today, in form of a Bluetooth enabled, Banana shaped gadget to connect to your iPhone. Get it here. (affiliate link) And here is the song, just in case you feel like hearing it again. Raffi – Bananaphone Take a trip back to 2004…

  • Building The World’s Fastest Racing Roomba

    Diese Staubsaugroboter sind vor ein paar Jahren in Mode gekommen. Selber habe ich mir Anfang dieses Jahres ein solches Gerät angeschafft. Weil der Boden selten frei von $Kram ist, hat die Performance mich bisher eher enttäuscht. Das Gerät verhält sich eher wie ein weiteres Kind, oder vielleicht ein Haustier. Ständig ist was. Entweder ein Kabel…

  • A frog that swallowed a firefly

    A frog that swallowed a firefly

    Ich dachte, Ihr solltet das sehen.

  • Effective Teams

    Did that ever happen you or in your team? Did it feel awkward to you? Effective teams are diverse and exchange among each other. The source for their success is that all ideas are equal and the team generates an environment that allows individuals to speak up, fostering exchange among all participants

  • Montag

    In this footage from abroad, a man on a scooter is knocked over by a large runaway tire, which rolls off into the distance. The man eventually recovers and picks up his bike, the the tire isn’t done with him. Source: Man knocked over by same runaway tire twice

  • Hackers have stolen record $3 billion in cryptocurrency

    … and that’s this year only so far. CBS reports the previous years record has already been broken in October this year. The source for this information is blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis. About $718 million in digital assets were taken in October alone, according to blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis. Source: Hackers have stolen record $3…

  • Meet John CRLF Doe

    Brother to Little Bobby Tables.

  • The History of the Rick Roll

    Fundamental Internet History. Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” made it into a very special meme. And it happened to everyone at least once, I’m sure. Vice has its history. This video is a studious look at”Never Gonna Give You Up,” the Rick Roll, how they have impacted the career of the man who…

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