• Meet John CRLF Doe

    Brother to Little Bobby Tables.

  • The History of the Rick Roll

    Fundamental Internet History. Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” made it into a very special meme. And it happened to everyone at least once, I’m sure. Vice has its history. This video is a studious look at”Never Gonna Give You Up,” the Rick Roll, how they have impacted the career of the man who…

  • Ikea Smart Light System Flaw

    Security related ‘news’ that have Zigbee based lighting systems as the subject of their research make me feel on Groundhog Day. They show up repeatedly, and their content is about exchangeable, along with the solution. Ladies and Gentlemen, this time it’s Ikea Trådfri that Synopsys found a flaw in. The flaw exploits malformed Zigbee frames.…

  • The metaverse remains controversial

    Apple’s CEO has doubt about the ‘metaverse’ – The Verge reports Tim Cook wouldn’t believe individuals couldn’t make up the ‘metaverse’. On #Labstalk we already debated the future of hardware will define the future of this mythical space. Tim Cook apparently concludes most people wouldn’t be able to spend time in the virtual world. Meanwhile,…

  • Asiatische Winterspiele 2029 mitten in der Wüste

    Ja nun. Die Meldung kam gestern schon mal an mir vorbei. Zunächst habe ich gedacht es handle sich um eine Schlagzeile des Postillion. Dann habe ich es nochmal gelesen und musste es twittern.

  • Google is shutting down Stadia

    Players will continue to have access to their games library until January 18th 2023, less than half a year from today, reports Engadget. The cloud gaming service was only launched 3 years ago, with many ambitions. Google started it’s efforts with an own game studio. However, the entire service fell back behind the attached expectations…

  • War eine erfolgreiche Woche

    Auf den Abschluss einer erfolgreichen Woche. Ein schönes Wochenende.

  • (ISC)² Chapter Germany Conference 2022

    Nur noch eine Woche bis zur (ISC)² Chapter Konferenz in Düsseldorf. Die Veranstaltung hat sechs hochkarätige Referenten. Die gesamte Agenda gibt es hier, es gibt noch die Möglichkeit sich per eMail anzumelden. Der Hinweis dazu auf der Seite des (ISC)² Chapter Germany: Chapter Conference 2022 in DUS

  • 42% Would Rather Clean A Toilet Than Call Customer Support

    It’s been more than four years since I read a stat put out by Aspect that prompted me to write about this very subject, the choice of cleaning a toilet or contacting customer support. Quote from Article We all know the feeling. Shep Hyken, contributer to Forbes Magazine, did a survey among a thousand customers/consumers.…

  • Innovation makes things smaller

    Mobility is an increasingly complex matter to society.

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