New year new me

New year new me
new me

New year. Same procedure as every year. New year new me. New years resolutions. This year is different though. After my year 2021 started with a huge catastrophe, a drama of epic dimensions, that didn’t get any better for the rest, 2022 is going to be different. More like 2020, that was a clusterfuck for different reasons.

So, whatever happens, this year is going to be different than last year. Either the pandemic get better, or global warming gets worse. Either way. It’s going to be different. 2022 going to be back to normal.

It’s going to be more structured. It’s going to be more mindful. The twenty x project is coming back, kicking it off with this post. Business ambition is back. Collaboration and new work are important topics. When everybody still debates the New Normal, teamwork and structured approaches are the basis for maintaining mental health in remote and hybrid work environments. Calendar, E-Mail and Contacts form the basis for entire teams, their importance is tremendous in this new normal. All collaboration depends on flawless exchange and knowledge of these assets, but shift towards WhatsApp, Slack and Microsoft Teams. Live editing of documents is going to dominate the way teams work together, along with novel models and methods that are yet to come. Not to mention the capabilities of artificial intelligence that will create shortcuts for users to become more productive.

Labs Talk is a new experience that will help me develop new skills. Producing content for a live format is something that I haven’t done yet. Sure, I gave talks for IEEE and trainings for software vendors. However, none of these were recorded for later consumption. Having conversations with executives is one thing, producing these for on-demand consumption requires a different approach.

And I have personal goals. This year looks like regular cardio workout looks achievable. Setting a goal for late summer seems feasible. The marathon distance can be done, but requires discipline. This year I believe I can make the room for this discipline once again.

New year new me.